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Hand Tools
Allen & Hexagon Keys
Contains: Hexagon Key Sets, Hexagon Keys, Wera Stainless Steel Hex Plus Keys
Builders & Contractors Tools
Contains: Crow Pry & Wrecking Bars, Cold Chisels, Bolsters & Scutch Chisels, Specialist Bu... more
Clamps & Cramps
Contains: Carver Rack Clamps, Clamp Heads, Corner Clamps, Flooring Clamps, Fret Clamps, G ... more
Engineering & Metalworking Tools
Contains: Calipers, Combination & Protractor Sets, Data & Zeus Charts, Deburring Tools, En... more
Files & Rasps
Contains: Rotary Files, Dreadnought Files, File Handles, Filecard Brushes, Millenicut File... more
Hammers & Mallets
Contains: Hammers - Aluminium, Hammers - Ballpein, Hammers - Brick & Mortar, Hammers - Cla... more
Knives & Knife Blades
Contains: Craft Knives & Blades, Hacking Knives, Pocket Knives & Blades, Saw Knives & Blad... more
Laser Levels & Electronic Devices
Contains: Detectors & Testers, Stabila Laser Accessories, Distance Estimators & Digital Ta... more
Contains: Torpedo, Scaffold & Boat Levels, Box Section Levels, Girder Levels, Magnetic & E... more
Mechanics & Automotive Tools
Contains: Adaptor Bit & Impact Driver Sets, Box Spanners, Hook Wrenches & pry Bars, Torque... more
Pliers Pincers Cutters & Croppers
Contains: Bolt Croppers - Cutters, Cable Knives, Shears & Cutters, Mole Grips & Locking Pl... more
Plumbing & Pipework Tools
Contains: Gas Burners & Accessories, Plumbing & Heating Installations Tools, Wrenches, Tap... more
Saws & Saw Blades
Contains: All Purpose Saws, Board & Block Saws, Bow Saws & Blades, Compass Saws, Concrete ... more
Contains: Mains Testers & Screw Grip, Nutspinners, Bahco Screwdrivers, Nut Driver Sets - X... more
Sharpening Tools
Contains: Diamond Whetstones, Tool - Multisharp Sharpeners, Scissor Sharpener
Soldering Riveting & Tacking
Contains: Riveters & Rivets, Solder, Staples, Brad & Nails, Gas & Battery Soldering Irons,... more
Tapes & Rules
Contains: Road Wheels & Track Measure, Measuring Rods, Tapes - Pocket Tapes, Tapes - Diame... more
Contains: Drill Press Vices, Engineer Vices, Vice Jaws - Fibre Grip Jaws, Fitters Vices, M... more
Woodworking Tools
Contains: Adzes, Bradawls, Cabinet Scrapers, Carpenters Pencils & Crayons, Hand Drills & B... more
Contains: Adjustable Wrenches - Black Finish, Quick Wrench, Handiwrenches, Leader Wrenches... more



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