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Contains: Glasspaper Sheets, Emerycloth Sheets, Emerycloth Rolls, Abrasive Sponges, Cork R... more
Contains: Superglue, Adhesive Tapes, Adhesives - Other
Contains: Aerosols
Air Tools & Accessories
Contains: Air Wrenches + Kit, Air Hammer + Kit, Air Ratches + Kit, Air Drills, Air Sanders... more
Auto Service Tools
Contains: Pullers, Puller Sets, Screw Extractors, Jacks - Trolley, Jacks - Scissor, Jacks ... more
Axes & Hatchets
Contains: Hand Axes Wood Shaft, Hand Axes Steel Shaft, Felling Axes Wood Shaft, Log Splitt... more
Bicycle Tools
Contains: Bicycle Tools, Bicycle Accessories
Builders Tools
Contains: Levels 760, Levels 770 Expert, Levels All Other, Trowels Brick Expert, Trowels P... more
Carpenter's Tools
Contains: Wood Chisels (Sets), Planes & Spokeshaves, Wood Chisels, Other Saws, Tenon Saws ... more
Chisels & Punches
Contains: Chisels & Punches, Chisels & Punches Expert, Chisels & Punches (Sets), Bolsters,... more
Compressors & P. Washers
Contains: D.I.Y. Compressors, Hobby Compressors, Workshop Compressors, Water Pumps, Pressu... more
Cordless Tools & Accessories
Contains: Expert Cordless Drills - 3.6V - 9.6V, Expert Cordless Drills - 12V +, Cordless T... more
Contains: Mitre Corner & Edging Cramps, Flat Bar Sash Cramps, T Bar Sash Cramps, Quickact... more
D.I.Y. Chargers
Contains: D.I.Y. Battery Chargers & Starters
D.I.Y. Cordless
Contains: Cordless Drills D.I.Y. Series
D.I.Y. Power Tools
Contains: D.I.Y. Electric-Drills/Multi-Tool, D.I.Y. Electric-Metalworkng (Inc Grinders), D... more
Decorator's Tools
Contains: Filling & Putty Knifes, Wall Scrapers, Trimming Knives & Blades, Paint Brushes, ... more
Diy & Value Tools
Contains: D.I.Y. & Value Tools, D.I.Y Spanners and Sets
Electrical Tools & Accessories
Contains: Electric Soldering Irons, Insulating Tape, Cable Reels, Electric Centre Display ... more
Expert Power Tools
Contains: Expert Electric Rotary Drills, Expert Electric Impact Drills, Expert Electric Ha... more
Contains: Engineers Files, Engineers Files Handled, Saw Files, Needle Files, Needle File S... more
Contains: Screws, Nuts, Bolts & Washers, Nails
Garden Tools
Contains: Secateurs, Flower Shears, Hedge Shears, Swivel Grass Shears, Loppers & Tree Lopp... more
Contains: Generators
Hacksaw Frames & Blades
Contains: Hacksaw Frames, Hacksaw Blades H.S.S, Hacksaw Blades Carbon, Hacksaws Junior, Ha... more
Hammers & Shafts
Contains: Hammers B.P Hickory Shafts, Hammers B.P Other Wood Shafts, Hammers Pin Wood Shaf... more
Hand Brushes
Contains: Hand Wire Brushes, Hand Wire Brushes Heavy Duty, Hand Wire Brushes Brass, Cleani... more
Contains: Gate Furniture, Door Furniture, Ladders/Stepladders, Hardware General
Contains: Leisure General, Leisure Electrical, Leisure Furniture, BBQs, Binoculars
Contains: Rechargeable Halogen Lamps, Rechargeable Fluorescent Lamps, Rubber Torches, Alum... more
Contains: Penetrating Oil
Other Boring Tools
Contains: Tank & Washer Cutters, Masonary Drills MD12, Masonary Drills Industrial, Masonar... more
Contains: Pliers Knipex General, Pliers Knipex VDE, Pliers Knipex Electronic, Pliers Knipe... more
Plumber's Tools
Contains: Tap Reseating Tools, Tube Cutters, Immersion Heater Spanner, Plumbers Tools Gene... more
Power Tool Accessories
Contains: Abrasive Discs, Abrasive Mesh Discs, Abrasive Sheets For Orbital Sander, Abrasiv... more
Power Tools & Accessories
Contains: Drills, Circular Saws, Fret Saws, Sanders And Grinders, Band Saws And Vacuum Cle... more
Precision Tools
Contains: Micrometers, Vernier Calipers, Dial Calipers, Height Gauges, Dial Gauges, Gauge ... more
Protective Clothing
Contains: Industrial Gloves, Saftey Goggles, Face Masks, Aprons, Protective Clothing (All ... more
Contains: Screwdrivers Felo, Screwdrivers Schroder, Screwdrivers No 11 & 211 & 311, Screwd... more
Screwing Tools
Contains: Tap & Die Sets, Tap Wrenches, Die Holders, Tap Sets, Die Nut Sets, Screwpitch Ga... more
Sealants & Fillers
Contains: Acrylic Frame Sealant, Silicon Sealant - High Mod, Silicon Sealant - Low Mod, Ea... more
Sharpening Stones (All Types)
Contains: Oil Stones, Scythe Stones, Oil Stone Boxes, Oilstones (All Other)
Sockets, Socket Sets & Parts
Contains: 1/4" Square Drive Socket Sets, 1/4" Square Drive Socket Parts, 1/4" Square Drive... more
Spanners & Wrenches
Contains: Combination Spanner Sets - Carbon, Combination Spanner Sets - Chrome Vandium, Co... more
Tool Boxes & Containers
Contains: Tool Rolls, Tool Bags, Tool Boxes (Dutch), Tool Boxes (German), Tool Boxes (Barn... more
Twist Drills
Contains: Hss Drills (Loose) Imperial, Hss Drills (Loose) Metric, Hss Drills (Carded) Impe... more
Contains: Vices Carpenters, Vices Machines, Vices Mechanics, Vices Clamp, Vices General Pu... more
Welders & Accessories
Contains: Welding Tools, Prof. Battery Chargers & Starters, Dehumidifier & Aircon/Heaters,... more
Wood Boring Bits
Contains: Wood Boring Bits Machine, Wood Boring Bits Brace Shank, Wood Boring Bit Sets, Wo... more
Contains: Wrenches Self Grip 9006 & 9007, Wrenches Self Grip Other, Rivetters Hand No 266,... more



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